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The Daughters of Destiny Girls Clubs offers age-appropriate instruct for female youths, teenagers aged 10 – 16 and girls aged 4-10. The DoD Clubs fill the gaps of the schooling and social systems by creating an open discussion on topics that are less frequently discussed, such as the importance of healthy and unhealthy relationships, abuse, and sexual health education. Our life skills programmes focus on information on child abuse, self-esteem, confidence, children’s rights, adolescent development, sex education, smart goals, child protection, how to avoid and deal with bullying, helping girls to understand that their current social situation should not determine their future.

27th February Magdalena Anna Glistak visited our Factreton Primary club.
“I am Powerful, I can do anything!”, she exclaimed. Understanding how our thoughts affect our actions and reactions. What a great time we had with Magdalena Anna Glistak, a Feminine Power Coach, she helps women to discover and tap into their unique source of Power. She believes in all feminine qualities and their purpose.
Magdalena wrote,
“I always wanted to work with African Young girls. Helping others is my passion. As I believe that when we do things from the heart Universe supports us, that was also the case this time!.

When I decided to come to Cape Town again a few weeks I knew that I have to make one of my dreams come true. Working with girls in need and those who doubt themselves or need some empowerment.
Thanks to Universe magic I meet South African ladies in a coffee shop in Krakow. They then connected me with Tina Thiart, I contacted her when I arrived in South Africa. Tina Thiart was very keen and helpful. She connected me with Lynn Joseph and we started from there…

Lynn very quickly managed to organize time and space for me to deliver empowering session for girls. Part of the session was explaining how the mind works and how our thoughts impact our emotions and then behavior.

Going back to the experience itself…I was so excited just before running the sessions with girls at Factreton Primary School. I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know the girls. It was something new for me as I usually work with mature women. Feeling the openness from Lynn Joseph helped a lot.

The whole experience was really great, I enjoyed it. I left the school even more sure that we can achieve our dreams once we are committed enough and ready to take the action.

It was important for me to share this particular message as when I was younger I was really affected by low confidence, low self-worth and in the later stage – depression. I know how damaging a lack of support can be to human potential. An environment which doesn’t support can almost cut the wings of a young person. It took me years to learn how to deal with my own baggage effectively. Years of learning and studying not only coaching but also the power of unconscious mind prepared me well for next few years of working often on a voluntary basis with unprivileged people.
After seeing results I moved to a full time coaching employment and I help women on daily basis running my own business globally.

Seeing the amazing work Lynn Joseph and other women do for the girls, inspired me also to do something for them.
I have decided to arrange two fundraising events, one in London and one in Krakow. We aim to collect funds which will be passed on to Daughters of Destiny directly. They will purchase sanitary packs for all the girls.
As women supporting young girls, we know how difficult may be growing. Beside experiencing hormonal changes there is menstruation itself. We want to make it easy for the girls at least for 2/ 3 months.
Daughters of Destiny is an AMAZING organization run by wholehearted women- I wish more Women Entrepreneurs could commit to helping this organization in different ways.
As an adult, grown-up women, who managed to make it work for ourselves we should help those young ones so they can experience what it means to say that women help women.

Thank you, Daughters of Destiny, for this amazing experience, I look forward to running a session again with my next visit to SA.”

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