Girls Daycares

The Daughters of Destiny Girls Clubs aims to help girls of all ages gain valuable, age-appropriate life skills. Through these clubs, we mentor girls and help them develop self-esteem, grow their body confidence, and assist them in developing their presentation and public speaking skills.

Playtime Daycare Centre

Our group of four year old girls at Playtime Daycare Centre, has shown great promise from day one. They have successfully completed our first term milestones and more… We added extra tools, “Left and Right” and “Emotions”. The girls has exceeded our expectations and reached all our milestone requirements for their age.

UJW Kensington Creche

What a beautiful group of girls, diverse in every way. Sessions with the UJW group is always filled fun and laughter. Being a big group, our team is guaranteed a tiring end to all sessions spent with the girls. This group proved the saying, Strength in numbers. A group of girls who works well together and we surely see them grow in confidence week after week.

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