Girls Clubs

The Daughters of Destiny Girls Clubs offers age-appropriate instruct for female youths and teenagers aged 10 – 16 and girls aged 4-10. The DoD Clubs fill the gaps of the schooling and social systems by creating an open discussion on topics that are less frequently discussed, such as the importance of healthy and unhealthy relationships, abuse and sexual health education.

Skepe Plein

We clearly remember our first program asking the girls to stand and introduce themselves. Zeenith De Beer, did not only freeze but became completely numb and could not speak a word. I went across to her taking her hands away from her face and this still did not help her to speak. She shied away and sat down as quickly as she stood up. Week after week she grew confident and now speaks up clearly and smiles with great confidence. Pictures speak a thousand words, see her posture change in weeks Thank You Aunty Joan and Uncle Phillip for opening your home

Seil Plein

Seil Plein DOD GIRLS CLUB surely keeps our team on their toes. Vibrant young ladies. Developing their self-esteem and embedding leadership tools throughout the term. We are pleased to have the girls now leading their own session with guidance. We are striving to enable three of the girls in this club to help lead our younger group in Skepe Plein. Continuing to upskill these teens with skills to grow and become community leaders. Thank you to the Timm Family for opening their home to us

Factreton Primary School

We have been working closely with the learners and staff at Factreton Primary School for x months. Over this period, we have seen girls increase their levels of self-esteem and body confidence, and have developed their presentation skills.

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