Amongst the many difficult decisions learners need to make as they journey through high school. There are two daunting questions they often hear and soon need to plan for, “What to do after school?” or “What subjects to choose?”

We invited a friend of Daughters of Destiny to inspire and guide our girls on these important matters. “Athenkosi Nzala, is a final-year civil engineering student at UCT who is committed to helping others. He is the executive director and founder of AfrikaCan Foundation ,which is a creative tutoring and mentorship programme that fuels passion for academic and social success through encouraging and inspiring high school learners to learn and think about how they learn.” – Sithandwa Ngwetsheni

Atti’s passion illuminated the room as he started to draw the girls with his humble story and what fuels his desire to inspire all to love education. “How would you like to add value to your world?” What impact do you want to make in your community? These were the questions that changed the way we think about school and learning, it  also inspired us to become educated.

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