Afterschool Community Girl Clubs

Accessing parks and spaces in the community where the girls live foster a safe environment. Accessible spaces that give parents peace of mind when located in their immediate vicinity.Safe Spaces, we create accessible learning spaces in parks where girls live. Using parks in the community where the young girls live fosters a safe environment. It also allows older women in the same community to get involved without any transport or financial obligations.

Skepe Plein Club

Skepe Plein DOD Club is hosted by, Joan and Phillip Daniels. They are an elderly couple who has requested to assist with our programmes. We have hosted our Skepe Plein club since 2016. The age group we work with at this club is 4-10 years old. This is also the first club we launched the Entrepreneurship programme in partnership Venturelab. 

Library Club

Our Library Club previously hosted at the home of a  community member in Seil Plein. Elizabeth Timm moved and we were welcomed by the Kensington Library who has hosted us since 2017. The age group at the Library club is 12- 18 years. 

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