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Daughters of Destiny came into existence to create safe space for girls to help grow and develop their self-esteem, confidence and help them make informed decisions about their education, health, positive relationships, and future goals.

Research shows that when young women are empowered with skills, ideas, and knowledge, they gain self-confidence. Confidence affords them access to services, role models and advises from other girls. Then they are enabled to make informed decisions regarding their future goals.


Anna Sturino says, “We hear it everywhere, from the United Nations to the everyday after school program – when we support the growth and empowerment of girls and young women, we raise the quality of life for everyone. When women lead they not only lead businesses, they lead in their community, they fight for their children, and they give voice to issues that are important to our collective future like education, and health care.

In a world where gender expectations still play a significant role in defining young people’s lives and their aspirations for the future, girls’ only groups/programs are crucial to the healthy development and growth of young women. Girls only programs help girls build their sense of self and develop confidence by offering them opportunities to express themselves, be heard, and explore their world in a safe environment. Investing energy and resources into girls is not a fruitless endeavour. Educating and empowering girls ripples out into the community and benefits everyone.”

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