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Sanitary Towel Project

Great Thanks to Magdalena Glistak, and all the amazing women across the globe who contributed. We have contributed seven months supply of sanitary towels and wet wipes to 147 teens.

Magdalena wrote,

“I always wanted to work with African Young girls. Helping others is my passion. As I believe that when we do things from the heart Universe supports us, that was also the case this time!

Star Group

“Sometimes, it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom.” Nelson Mandela

Today Star-Group in Parow demonstrated greatness when they decided to love on generations of girls in Kensington and Factreton.
Thank you to all the amazing staff at Star-Group who contributed much-needed toiletries and programme stationery to Daughters of Destiny.

Special thanks to Andrea Flores, Lynn Smith, and Michiel Kruger the ambassadors of Star-Group who came bearing gifts.

We can not wait to share your gifts with the girls. Stay tuned for the smiles, coming soon once our clubs start next week!

Sanitary Care Pinic in Hyde Park, London

The day has finally arrived to distribute gifts to our girls. Wonderful thanks to Magdalena Anna Glistak, and a group of wonderful women who contributed to this Project. Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back! Magdalena Anna Glistak, Feminine Transformation, and the tribe of amazing people who made our Sanitary care Picnic possible in Hyde Park, London.

Petunia Bag Project

We are excited to launch our Petunia Bag project in 2019. This project was funded by an amazing woman who encourages her friends to donate to a cause of her choice every year for her birthday. Encouraging individuals to donate to a good cause for their birthday instead of receiving gifts. All proceeds of the bags are in aid of financial compliance and cost associated. Call us today if you would like to give a gift that does not stop giving.


Support our shop and grow the work of Daughters of Destiny at the same time.

We sell the best homemade popcorn in town.


We are proud of our brand, Our girls design their own bracelets and personalize each Bracelet with their name on it.

Pre-Loved Market Day

Our market day plans was made by one of our Skepe Plein Club groups. It was during our Venturelab Entrepreneurship Introduction girls where divided into groups and task was to think of innovative ideas of how to solve problems.

Selling clothes at an affordable rate was to ensure all children and adults can buy clothing and still able to buy food. 

Collecting clothes and giving it away for Free was an interesting conversation as girls were debating that free clothes people won’t be appreciated and they won’t make money.

Our First Market day raised R2900.00 and thanks to the parents and community who donated clothing, shoes and other to our Sale.  

2019 Market Day 2 March 2019

Our first 2019 Market Day, In March…

Please support!

You can donate pre-loved clothing for all shapes and sizes, shoes and anything someone could use.


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