In 2018 we influenced the lives of more than 147 girls with seven month supply of sanitary towels and wet wipes. We also donated and shared with other organisations, Jacobs Gardens, Precious Pearls, The women's communicare network and 1000 Women Trust IT Skills students. With your help we can impact more girls in Kensington and Factreton. Donate $26 today and support a girl for 6 months!!
$391.00 donated
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Message from project champion,

My name is Magdalena Glistak. A few months ago I made one of my dreams come true and that dream was to lead empowerment classes for young-African girls. When I met these girls, I realised how lucky we, as European Women are. African teenagers, besides the standard every day problems, also experience lack of dignity when it comes to having periods. Lots of girls cannot afford sanitary towels. The average teenager who lives in areas affected by crime, drugs or alcohol abuse, firstly misses school during her menstruation period, or uses toilet paper or a piece of cotton to secure herself. This discovery shocked me so much, that I decided to do something about it. I think, that many of us truly believe that Femininity will change the world, and if it is so, then we can say No to one dinner in a restaurant and instead donate this money to sponsor a set of sanitary towels for a young, African girl. Personally, I can’t imagine myself being in a situation where I don’t have access to sanitary towels while menstruating. This is why I want to help these girls.

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