Determined, feisty and ready to make money (Popcorn orders already in line). This was a funny moment for our staff. Entrepreneurs in the making, Thank you to Venturelab team for partnering with us. Well, it’s official that our DOD Library club has no time to waste.

2019 will surely be an exciting journey. These young women made it clear that they have no time to waste. Three of our girls will be taking a lead role at our younger club in term 2.

Topics they want to focus on first in 2019 are Relationships, Mental Wellness and presentation skills were top on their needs list. The bullying concern also raised some brows. When we discussed the possibility of joining the Ken-Fac Sports Athletic club girls ran to the mention.

Our club day has changed from Thursday to Wednesday and thanks to our wonderful partners, Kensington Library for hosting us again. Our registration process will take place next week 27th February and the following week. All girls aged 13- 18 welcome, limited place available.

Staff says…
Chantel “for me, it was great meeting the girls
The girls were so excited to be there as well as sharing ideas for what will happen this year #safespacesforgirls #lifeskills #exitingtimesahead
Lynn, “I don’t know, I thought this year we will be building slow and strong although the session was not slow at all. The confidence levels in the room had me silenced at some point. Now I need to go back to the drawing board and tighten my seat belt. There is a journey awaiting us in 2019.”
Anikah, “My first session with the older girls was awesome. The girls were clearly excited about everything that had to be discussed and came with their own agenda which I loved.”

Let us begin!

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