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Tonight I find myself in vulnerable but safe space. Allowing myself to share my heart. I find my heart is saddened easily by the condition of my community. When walking to the Daughters of Destiny Clubs or doing house visits I sense an overwhelming fear gripping the hearts of people young and old. Lying awake at night thinking of ways we can give or do more.

Our young people are dying on our watch, mine and yours. I remember the day my life forever changed as a young girl. Was the day Brian Da Silva, Chantal Muller and the youth group came out from their church building and invited us from the streets to enjoy Monday nights with them. I remember distinctly it was the same month I started walking destructive paths with destructive people of whom most of them are dead today. The overwhelming compassion I have for young people today is not because I am looking in from the outside but I know for a fact that I would be a statistic today in more ways than one. It took one caring adult, then two, three and many more that impacted on my journey.

I also recall it was destructive adults who violated my dignity, who destroyed my confidence and love for life. Adults who thought that I did not deserve to belong because of who my parents were and their upbringing. I recall clearly that I was not good enough to be friends with certain peers. I remember the words that I will never be good enough, never amount to anything, I will be like my … so many ugly things that need not be repeated today.

I attest today that it was only by the Grace of God, yet I will fail in my testimony if I do not say it took many caring adults to guide and help me through my journey. It was a long road of healing and restoration of which I have still not overcome all today, trauma does not vanish…

Where are the caring adults, where are you? There are girls and boys needing a lifeline, needing support, needing you! Come now there is a generation needing to be impacted. The words I heard most growing up, “don’t play with THAT children”. Is there a child you are rejecting today because of their parents? Are you asking, where are your parents? Can’t your parents buy food, etc.?

Will you reflect with me today, I can undoubtedly say that many of you were impacted by an adult at some point in your life. Why not do the same today, can you reach out to one child today? The gangster we condemn and wish to die also needs a caring adult. That young girl who seemingly has no hope left needs a caring adult too.
Can all the caring adults please stand up. My note today is to encourage you to share some love. What if standing on your stoep tomorrow can save the life of a girl. What if talking to a young boy, asking how are you can alert him that he is not alone. What if your smile and a short conversation can fill a need so great that impacts the direction of a young person today.
Just choose One, decide right now to start with one child. Commit to journeying with one child, one young adult, one teenager today.

Let’s talk…

Much Love

Lynn Joseph

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