What a wonderful first day, term 3 here we come. After a long June break, we received mostly negative feedback from our girls. The community children were held hostage in their homes due to gang violence and shootings nearly everyday. News24 Reported after a 12 year old boy was shot dead in Kensington, says, “This boy is a second victim to die this week following that of an alleged third gang member that was killed on Sunday. He is also a second minor to be killed in alleged gang shootings that has been ongoing for almost two months.” 2017-07-27 11:15 Reporter:Nomzamo Yuku @nomzamoyuku

Playtime Daycare Centre DOD CLUB

Excitement erupted as we entered Playtime Daycare on Tuesday morning, “teacher Lynn is here! teacher Lynn is here!” Daughters of Destiny time. First day of DOD club term 3 and first day of August, women’s month. We spent the morning affirming and reminding our girls that they are beautiful and loved. A few refreshers to remind them on the previous term’s work and lots of funny dance moves. Excited to start our women’s month filled with special activities for our little women. Next week we pamper, watch this space.

Factreton PrimaryIn no time we settled in with a good massage, and much needed laughs releasing the stresses of the school day. Ready, set… Go! yes we immediately went to work on our presentation skills. Preparing for our presentation day next Tuesday, 8 August, 2017 excited yet nervous to be evaluated by guest from the community to see how we are progressing. Look how they take their roles very seriously…

Skepe Plein DOD CLUB

What a proud day seeing all our girls come up to DOD today, in the midst of a scary two months for children in our community. Girls and boys falling prey to multiple shootings in the area and killings in their near surroundings.

We started with a dance to set the tone for the day, and affirmations of love one, to another. Wow did they take the stage today, tall and proud as they prepared for their presentation day coming up soon. Spent more time bringing order than usual, but we are confident that next week they will be more settled. Planning and more planning, the only group that has a couple of leaders who come prepared with program plans and suggestions for outings. We smiled as Maxine Appollis and Karly–Leigh Stanford already planned a picnic on our behalf. Picnic it is, 16 August 2017, will you help us make it happen?

Your contributions of any kind will be much appreciated. Call us today! Lynn Joseph 0726391711

Thank you for sharing our first day with us, we have a couple of days to go for week 1.

Uniting daughters to achieve their destiny!

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