Amidst the crime and fear swirling through our community gripping the hearts of children and adults alike we continue to create safe spaces for our girls. Thursday we had a small turn-up of girls, but we continued to work on SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely) planning. It was great spending, one on one time with the girls and taking action with their plans.

Meet three of our girls in our Seil Plein Club, Melnesha (left), Eden (centre) and Tiffny (right)








We are dearly missing our girls at UJW Kensington Creche, whom we are unable to work with due to renovations on the premises. Trusting to work with them soon…



Kensington news

Working in the area amidst the violence and despair, here is a piece written by Craig Leetz encouraging “The Windermere Warriors”  (Kensington was previously known as Windermere)

Craig Leetz

August 7 at 8:53am

The Windermere Warrior.

The Kensington/Factreton (Windermere) area is under siege. Violent crime is committed on a daily basis. People have been killed. Very little help is being offered by those who should. The mood is extremely sombre. People fear for their lives. This is what is happening in the area. Yet this is not what our area is about.

It is about;
the teacher, who despite being threatened, returns to school the next day to continue educating, the church and the mosque in providing soup kitchens for the poor, the unemployed mother who teaches her child to follow the good in life, the granny who feeds her extended family on her pension, the sport club who provide an outlet for the youth, the father who does not drink or do drugs and who teaches his own not to do it as well and those who resist the temptation to follow the gangs.
The true warriors of Windermere will rise.
This is what our area is about.
Thank you



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