Celebrating women’s month, pamper style. Our “little” women, had a wonderful session at Playtime Daycare club. They loved the massages, clean hands and feet with a little sweetness in secret. Girls pairing with a friend of choice and the pampering started. Smiles all around, I realised the girls loved the “taboo” moments more; playing with the hand washing agents and water without time constraints set the excitement levels to another level.

Clean Feet with a sweet…

And did the girls eyes swirl and toes curl when their feet were massaged. A definite winner for any parent looking for a way to steal her child’s heart.  Melting moments and memorable for sure. Many moments captured we had to add it all, enjoy!

We would like to acknowledge the teachers and Principal at Playtime Daycare for their wonderful reception and allowing us in their space every week.





























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