Woman who are you?

Factreton Primary Club had their Presentation day on Tuesday, 8 August 2017. Nervous and excited girls passing the venue, was evident hours before the presentation started. Evaluations was done by amazing partners, The Women’s Communicare Network, Rochelle Rix and Sgt. A Grill, Communications and Social Crime officer at Kensington Saps.

Emotions all the more as the atmosphere was pumped with pride after each girl said “thank you” and stepped down. The ladies evaluating was asked to comment on the presentations and encourage the girls. Little did we expect silence to fill the room as a strong women stepped to the front and could not say a word. Tears filled the eyes of every girl as they witnessed a Police women shed tears of joy as she witnessed the girls presenting. ” I work in the community everyday and I see children being used to sell drugs and their young lives taken away. Today, all I saw was hope, you are seeds and the ground you are choosing to be planted in is good ground…” Thanking and encouraging the girls.

Thank you Mr McAvoy and staff for welcoming Daughters of Destiny to your beautiful family.





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