Athenkosi Nzala – 24 August 2017,

“Education is a powerful tool that can either open or close doors for many who seek after it. Interacting with the students from different grades that day enabled me to share information so that they can have control of what doors open or close. That day I wanted them to share with me what they want to do in the world and what things to consider getting there. But the students were honest to say they don’t like going to school and they don’t like some of the teachers. So the objective of the day was to get them to understand why they go to school every day and why it’s important and also get them to express to each other what value they would like to add in the world. I got replies such as the following:

“..I want to help those who are homeless on the streets….”

“…I want to be a lawyer…”

“..I want to help sick animal..”

“..I want to help sick people..”

Essentially these students desire to have a voice in their society and the world at large but they lack information in terms of what they need to do and be aware of to get to be those servants in society. My role was fulfilled as they received information about what subjects they need to consider and how much hard-work awaits them, as well as how to go about navigating this purpose they have in society from where they are now. We think these things start from grade 9, but by that time its already too late. So I challenged them and sowed them the importance of education.

I am one who believes in mentorship and the role it plays in education and how it can change the perspective, decisions and perceptions of students. That is why I live and breathe mentorship wherever I am. We would love a society that had development and opportunities for all its people, but this is limited if mentorship and education guidance does not take place formally and informally in our societies.”

Executive Chairperson | Afrika•Can! | Career Development and Mentorship | BSc Civil Engineering Candidate | UCT | Final year | 081 0035 316

Please contact Athenkosi should you have tutoring needs, mentorship and career development needs for your children.

We would also like to thank FARAH ABDURAHMAN the Project Coordinator at UCT Student Orientation and Advocacy Services for assisting our girls with propectus and dates for 2018.

Please find attached the UCT prospectus for 2018. Please follow this link: for more information regarding the important dates for potential students.

Please follow this link for information regarding Financial Aid:

  • All undergraduate applications close – 30 Sept
  • Applications for student accommodation close – 30 Sept

Please forward to learners in need of this valuable information.

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