22 August 2017

Fun and smiles all around as the girls set on foot to interview community members and teachers. The girls were divided in two groups, the activity was carefully designed to ensure teamwork and time management skills were observed. Excitement levels reached a maximum especially when girls took selfies that did match the instructions that was given. Tick Tock as time was slowly running out.

  • What is a Selfie?
  • Can we take a selfie with you?
  • Selfie with trees in the background,
  • Serious face selfies and power to women Selfies.
  • The famous pout was a must.

We will not advise on the amount of selfies we took to complete our task in time. The selfie series now continues to the next phase of creative writing and thinking.

Thank you to the male teachers who willingly assisted as we invaded their classrooms.

Here are some pictures, enjoy!















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