29 August 2017

Hi Facebook!

Introducing the girls to different types of media was an easy task as they were well versed with this topic especially social media. We reviewed our selfies of the previous week and spent some time writing our own articles on a specific picture.

We chose a random article to share with you today and we will track the progress… Well done to the girls, who braving attempted their first article without guidance!

Grade 7 learner (We changed the names in this article, let’s follow this learner’s journey as they grow in weeks to come)

#Selfie – 29 August 2017

“Last week Tuesday was a fun experience with D.O.D. They took selfies with Mrs Francis and we had lots of fun with Mrs Linn. Janna was holding her hand infront of her mouth because she was afraid of showing her extracted tooth and Sophie just could not stop smiling she felt proud because it was her first time she showed it out. They also went out walking around the neighbourhood asking elders about selfies and if the cared to join. This is a great experience for elders who have no clue of the latest technology trend. So its to be taught about new technology and trends at an old age”


Thank you to all who responded to our Facebook activity and those who took the time to like or comment on the post.


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