31 August 2017

The Kensington Library, our new home for the Seil Plein DOD CLUB. Ssshhh a girl whispered as she silenced the rest of the girls, “keep quiet we are in the library”. Smiling we set them at ease that we did not need to be silent.

Our first week, we spent out and about the Library premise interviewing community members and taking selfies. As we split into groups, I proudly accompanied my team with unending smiles. It was then, I witnessed them become a dream team. The first activity we did throughout the club term that required the girls to communicate with community members.

Wow, and was I one proud mama bear!!

Making sure we don’t interview the same people and keep to the time limit made the activity exciting and fun.

Thank you Chantelle Fester for joining us and spedning time with our girls. She is a young lady who grew up in Kensington, and now joins our team to give back to her community. One hour at a time, One girl at a time she says, ” cant wait to be off on a Thursday again to join you”

We are grateful for the reception of most community members and civil servants who gladly assisted our girls.


Group 1












Group 2













Group 3

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