“Dan wil ek jou ook graag verwys na Frank Julies toe.  Hier is ‘n link na sy website toe. http://nonprofitconsultant.weebly.com/ . Hy is regtig die perfekte persoon om jou te help vir jou training needs wat jy het en om as ‘n consultant te gebruik vir die opstel en groei van jou organisasie.

Voorspoed vir die res van die week.

Groete, Noëline de Goede”



My first “Ask Frank!” happened in 2016 as quoted above. I was only brave enough to “ask Frank” on 19 July 2017. My first ask did not have the intended results but I was lucky to apply for a bursary at the NPO empowerment week workshop. What more is there to say when the rest is history?! I have never met a man that is so passionate about civil society. The two words that still echoes in my mind are “BY DESIGN” we must have a plan!

“A fundraising strategy is a must! If your non-profit organization does not have a comprehensive fundraising strategy in place right now it would be better for the board to close it down! This is an absolute necessity! You need to have a strategy to guide you in a potential crisis situation. Without this strategy it will amount to an army going into battle without a plan! Absolute suicide! And in this strategy you need to focus on maintaining your current donors, increase their current funding, reconnect with previous donors and research potential donors.”

This man is serious about making a difference, building capacity and strengthening NPO’s.

Being a young non-funded organisation we were unable to attend the much needed training however thanks to Frank and his partners we were able to attend the NPO empowerment week at Bellville Library, and we received another bursary to attend the Master Fundraising forum that offers so much more than just another workshop. Being a member of the Fundraising Forum gives us access to the following:

  1. Continuous access to capacity building workshops
  2. Continuous access to info about donor requests for proposals
  3. Donor referrals where relevant
  4. Assistance and advice with legal compliance
  5. Advice with programme design and development
  6. Site visits
  7. One-on-one hands on support when needed and based on availability
  8. Assistance with developing your fundraising strategy


Frank you have impacted our organisation in a great way! Thank you dearly. You said, “The biggest challenge for many NPOs is NOT how to access funding. The biggest challenge is to build FUNDABLE organisations with high credibility worth investing in!” Daughters of Destiny is interested in building a Fundable organisation!

“Most donors don’t need to be convinced to fund NPO’s. You need to convince them to fund YOUR organisation!” We can only see growth in every area in 2018.

Your partnership has opened so many doors for us as an organisation, new relationships and a support network.


Thank you,

Lynn Joseph


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