Reflecting on my journey in 2017, I would deny myself a great privilege if I do not take time to honour phenomenal women. The women have continually encouraged me and inspired me. Some women did not say a word, but they inspired me each time I encountered them.

Firstly, the order I am writing has no reflection on the value of importance.

Let me start with the woman who spent many hours to lift me up, and reassure me in times of doubt. She also committed many hours of her time, even Sundays to assist me with my work. Asked the kind of questions that no one cared to ask, or know. The first woman I could openly share my story with, and receive needed support without judgment. Thank you, Wafaa Abdurahman you have been a mainstay of support. I want to concede your influence to my work.

My appreciation for the next woman goes deep, more than just skin-deep. She nurtured me in her womb, my mother, support, and my honest critic. Allison Williams financed my work and continually supported the girls in the programme. She is a phenomenal woman who I can call on, day or night, for any support. All influencers in this sector, need the support of a woman like Allison. She is clear about the role she plays in the lives of the children in her community. This makes it easy to gain her continued support. Allison is a champion in Skepe Plein who forms part of the support for girls.

Then there are the women who walk the talk, who inspire me whenever I see them at work. Women that grab my attention each time they speak or enter a room. Lucinda Evans, Avril Andrews, Delicia Howard, Carol Bruton, Tina Thiart, Judar Scholtz, Bernie Dolley, Rene Parker, Alison Alexander, Christine Taphel, Fara Abdurahman, Chrischar Rock, Candice Booysen, Merle Thomas, Tanya Mouton, Hazel Potgieter, Theressa Honey, Helen Kebble, Odette Slabbert, Deborah Vanacore, Melanie Du-Toit Davids, Ruth Moodley, Elizabeth Timm, Nolene Kellerman, Machelle Solomons, Esther Julius, and Olivia Nagan. Thank you, to some of you it may come as a surprise, but I am watching you, lead well.

Lastly, the women I could not do the basics of Daughters of Destiny (known as DOD) without, you are the reason DOD has grown so much in 2017. Women I could depend on for support and courage most times. Lynette Van Eden, Sheree Francis, Rochelle Rix, Kelly-Shea Kleinsmith, Ilse Daniels, Elizabeth Timm, Joan Daniels, Sue-Anne Zerf, Kordeen Galant, Veronica Galant and Charmaine Kleinsmith.

The year 2018 awaits another girl’s life to be changed. Thank you, to all you amazing women in my life.











































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